Anderson Cooper Made A Controversial Decision About His $200 Million Fortune

Anderson Cooper has been one of America’s best-loved anchormen for nearly two decades now. And CNN sure seems to recognize his worth. In fact, the silver fox now earns more in a month than some of his viewers will in a lifetime. But in 2021 the newscaster surprised everyone when he revealed what he plans to do with all his wealth.

A cool $200 million

So how much exactly does Cooper have in the bank? Well, according to website Celebrity Net Worth the figure is somewhere around the $200 million mark. That number will only continue to grow, too. He reportedly earns a cool $12 million each year for his Anderson Cooper 360 show on CNN.

Shipping tycoon

Of course, Cooper is used to being surrounded by money. His great-great-great grandpa is none other than Cornelius Vanderbilt, a railroad and shipping tycoon reported to have been one of the five richest people in history. And Anderson’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, inherited some of that fortune: $5 million in 1925 to be exact, but that’s more like an inflation-adjusted $70 million in today’s money.

Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria was herself initially reported to have amassed $200 million by the time she passed away following a battle with stomach cancer in 2019. The heiress’ fortune was said to have been boosted as the founder of a popular denim clothing company. Of course, Cooper had already made a similar amount himself at this point, too.

CNN regular

Cooper first caught attention as an ABC News correspondent in the mid-1990s before landing an anchorman position on CNN in 2001. He’s remained a fixture there ever since. And as the newscaster’s popularity grew, so did his paychecks. In 2007 the star doubled his annual salary to $4 million thanks to a lucrative new contract.