Drew Barrymore's Campaign To Raise Awareness About Plastic Strikes An Unexpected Tone

From her breakout role in E.T. to her humorous yet endearing appearances in romcoms such as 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer, it's safe to say that Drew Barrymore is one of Holywood's most instantly recognizable faces. Still, while she may have amassed plenty of fame, fortune, and adoration thanks to her prolific big-screen career, Barrymore understands that there is more to life than making movies. Eager to make a difference in the world, Barrymore has decided to team up with a sustainable company in pursuit of a critical mission to protect the environment as we know it.

The grand announcement

April 2022 proved to be a turning point for Barrymore. Already famous for her film career, Barrymore decided that the time had come to bring positive environmental change. Grove Collaborative, a leading sustainable consumer products company, announced that Barrymore had joined the company not only as an investor but also as its first-ever Global Brand and Sustainability Advocate. By tapping into her acting talents, Barrymore has set out to create a campaign that she hopes will help create a waste-free future.

Creating change

Grove Collaborative and Barrymore decided to partner up to raise awareness of the global plastic crisis that is threatening to compromise the environment. With this goal in mind, they plan to encourage corporations and individuals alike to take action by limiting the amount of single-use plastic products that they use. Before they could convince them to do so, however, Grove and Barrymore would have to debunk a major recycling myth. The most effective way to do so, as the partners determined, would be by tapping into Barrymore's acting abilities.

Launching the campaign

Using Barrymore as the poster girl, Grove launched its “Wish-cycling" campaign. Appearing on TV, social media, and radio, this multi-channel environmental campaign saw Barrymore take center stage by debunking the myth that plastic recycling is the solution to the plastic crisis. Wish-cycling, as Grove calls it, is whereby people dispose of plastics in a recycling bin with the assumption that they will be properly recycled. In reality, only 9% actually gets recycled. While a lucrative PR and financial opportunity, Barrymore soon revealed how this is an issue that remains close to her heart.

Drew's take

Barrymore herself revealed that she has been looking to implement a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle at home with her family. Finally, with Grove, she has found her ideal solution. "I have been a fan of Grove products since I discovered their starter kit and am inspired by their goal of being 100% plastic-free by 2025. I'm thrilled to join the Grove team so that we can make it easier for everyone to make the important switch to more sustainable products and fight the plastic crisis our world is facing." But while Barrymore is a great admirer of Grove's work, the company soon revealed why Barrymore of all people was selected to be the face of their brand.