Best Items To Buy Second-Hand

For many shoppers, purchasing products brand new is second nature. After all, not everyone wants someone else's hand-me-downs. But while that perspective holds some weight, purchasing second-hand items also can come with huge advantages, depending on what you're after. So, the next time you stroll past a yard sale in your neighborhood or walk into a local thrift store, keep an eye out for these items that are worth purchasing second-hand.


Unlike most other kinds of products, you can tell immediately if a book is in working condition prior to purchase. Bookworms know few pleasures are greater than picking up a classic and only paying pennies for it solely because someone else has already read it. Money-saving expert Andrea Woroch recalled how she bought her kids copies of Disney's Bambi at a farmer's market for just $4, which she believes is a discount of almost two-thirds!

Hand tools

Why buy something new and sparkly if you know that it's going to get dirty anyway? That's exactly what you should ask yourself the next time you find yourself running to the hardware store. Tools are a commonly sold item at garage sales and posts on Craigslist. But if you purchase second-hand tools in person, be sure to test them out before paying. If the tool is electric, check the cable, plug it in, and use it to confirm it actually works.

Baby and children's clothes

There's no point in buying the latest and most expensive clothes for your kids when they're sure to outgrow them fairly quickly. Fortunately, there are many places to purchase good quality second-hand clothes, including specialty stores such as Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child. Also, check on sites such as eBay for some affordable deals.

Musical instruments

Is someone in the family wanting to learn a new instrument? If so, you might want to consider an entry-level, secondhand instrument as an easy and affordable option to start with. That allows you to figure out if you actually enjoy playing the instrument without spending an arm and a leg on a brand new expensive piece of musical equipment.