The 5 Most Over-The-Top Celebrity Splurges

Anyone who is familiar with the salaries of Hollywood celebrities knows that they can often make more money from one movie, TV show, or music concert than ordinary civilians earn throughout their careers. It, therefore, makes sense that an actor like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is able to amass a jawdropping net worth of $270 million! While plenty of celebrities use their fortunes to advance important charitable causes, others prefer to indulge in luxury, as is their right. Still, there are some A-listers who have splurged unbelievable amounts of money on seemingly unnecessary items. Here are some of the most over-the-top celebrity splurges that just seem impossible to justify.

Ghost detecting device

By simply looking at her many outlandish outfits over the years, it's easy to tell that Lady Gaga has some very alternative tastes. Still, this doesn't mean that one would expect her to spend a whopping $50,000 on an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader. A believer in the occult, Lady Gaga decided to make this excessive purchase so that she could scour her concert venues and ensure that there is no paranormal activity going on backstage before her shows. If that's not enough, this pop star is also known to hire ghost hunters and private detectives to survey her hotel rooms.

Gold-plated cell phone

A former Spice Girl and prominent fashion designer, Victoria Beckham is certainly not short of cash. What's more, her husband is none other than soccer legend David Beckham, meaning that she is one-half of one of the world's most high-profile power couples. With a combined net worth of over £73 million, the Beckhams own plenty of lavish possessions, including properties in Miami and Dubai as well as a luxury yacht. But while these assets are certainly impressive, nothing is quite as "in your face" as the gold-plated iPhone that Victoria uses to make business calls. Designed by British fashionista Stuart Hughes, this cellphone consists of 150 grams of 24-carat gold and is estimated to be worth $33,000. The only question that remains is what will Victoria do when her phone is due for an upgrade?

Dinosaur skull

As the star of National Treasure and its sequel, Nicholas Cage is no stranger to the world of archeology and ancient antiquities. In 2007, the same year as the release of the second film in the franchise, the actor decided to enter a bidding war with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio in order to get his hands on a 67 million-year-old dinosaur skull. With a winning bid of $276,000, Cage was able to take home this invaluable artifact, however, his enjoyment of his prize would only last a few years before the authorities came knocking. It was uncovered that the skull was, in fact, stolen from Mongolia by a fossil smuggler. While it is unknown whether Cage got his money back, he was probably more regretful about losing out on this priceless piece of history.

$2 million humidifier

While many celebrity splurges are spent on purely recreational items, some A-listers actually make excessive purchases to help them perfect their craft. As a regular performer at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, singer Celine Dion decided that she would make an addition to the venue that would ensure that her voice sounds flawless every time. She spent $2 million on an air humidifier and had the hotel install it so that her lungs would breathe the best possible air.