Top Target Shopping Hacks To Save Money

While there are plenty of stores out there that offer an enjoyable shopping experience, Target certainly stands out from the pack. Whether it's the "high-end" atmosphere that the store emits when compared to its competitors or its mouthwatering clearance sales, it's no wonder why Target has become widely known for being a trap for impulse purchases and overspending! But while its notorious reputation might discourage you from returning to this appealing department store, there are plenty of great deals that you can get so long as you play your cards right. Here are the top Target shopping hacks that you can apply in order to save money while enjoying maximum value!

Sign up for Target Circle

While already the home of massive savings, Target has become even more affordable thanks to Target Circle. This program is a unified version of all of the store's ongoing rewards and savings programs and is free to sign up for. In addition to deals such as a 5% discount on your birthday and seasonal discounts, Target Circle also offers cashback on all your purchases. Simply scan your barcode with the Target app at checkout and receive 1% cashback on each purchase!

Go on the correct days

As the home of great sales, Target offers a range of deals in almost every department. What many shoppers don't realize, however, is that different departments' products are marked down on different days. While there is no official schedule, most stores follow a similar formula. For example, while electronics are typically marked down on Mondays, women's clothing normally gets marked for clearance on Tuesdays. Fortunately, All Things Target has released a full schedule so that you can time your Targets visits to a tee!

Shop with a RedCard

If Target Circle wasn't appealing enough, you could also sign up for Target's credit card. In addition to earning a 20 percent discount upon signing up, using your RedCard at Target will earn you a 5% discount every single time you shop! What's more, your RedCard will also provide free shipping for online purchases and extra days to claim refunds and exchanges.

Wait until the end of the season

For decades, Black Friday has built a notorious reputation for being the busiest day of shopping all year. With Thanksgiving drawing to a close and the festive season coming up ahead, shoppers stream into stores in a frenzied effort to purchase all the gifts they crave at dramatically discounted prices. But what many shoppers don't realize is that Black Friday is not the only day when stores like Target reduce the price of their stock. Make sure to check out your local Target after holidays such as Valentine's Day and Halloween for some equally juicy deals. Generally, holiday-specific items cost 50% less one day after the holiday, 75% less three days after, and up to 90% less one week later!