Walmart Shopping Tricks That Discount Experts Swear By

Whether you're looking for auto parts, pet supplies, garden furniture, or even video games, Walmart is bound to have what you're looking for. Its endless variety, along with its low prices and additional non-grocery services such as optometrists and photo centers makes it a popular one-stop shop for those of us who prefer the convenience of doing all of our shopping in one place. But even while Walmart's prices are already reasonable, there are even more ways to save money if you're alert enough. Here are some of the best Walmart shopping hacks that are bound to earn you massive savings!

Sign up for Walmart Grocery Pickup

If you're someone who regularly buys groceries at Walmart, then this time—and money—saver is for you! By signing up for Walmart grocery pickup for free, you'll get $10 off your first purchase. Simply order the items you want, schedule a time that you would like to pick them up, and show up when ready. What's more, Walmart's grocery experts will be sure to pick the freshest produce for you. On the off chance that you're unsatisfied with its freshness, you'll get a refund.

Sign up for Walmart+

While it may cost $98 per year, the mouthwatering deals that you'll get from Walmart+ basically mean that this loyalty program pays for itself and more. You'll receive access to Black Friday deals before the general public as well as a variety of special promotional events. You'll also receive free shipping on all online purchases without a minimal amount and a discount of 10 cents per gallon of petrol at over 14,000 participating stations.

Use Fetch Rewards

The next time you go shopping at Walmart, make sure to hold onto your receipt. This is because your receipt can earn you savings through the Fetch Rewards app. Download this app and use it to snap a photograph of your receipt in order to begin earning points. Once you have enough points, you'll be able to convert them into gift cards for future trips to Walmart. Make sure to enter the code PENNY after downloading the app to earn 2,000 points!

Compare prices

Thanks to Walmart's price matching guarantee, you can get a cheaper price for the item you want if you find the same product for less elsewhere. This same principle applies to the Walmart website, where items are often priced lower than their in-store counterparts. Make sure to compare the prices you see in-store with the Walmart website so that you can get the best possible deal.